Busy, busy bee!

Life seems to get busier and busier the older I get... and this weekend was NO exception! Saturday - family visiting day - came and went in a flash, as usual, and then Sunday was here in the blink of an eye! After playing the music for the service at our church in Nineveh with my Mom that morning, I hustled up to Greenwood to take some family portraits of an old friend that I played soccer with my senior year of high school. (After their pictures, I hustled back down to Nineveh to take senior pics of a beautiful gal from our church that I will post next). Back to the J family --- She, K, is married to a great guy that works with my husband up in the Ft. Ben area. Both are fellow boilermakers (Go BOILERS!), and are blessed with quite the cute little boy!

It was an ABSOLUTELY beautiful, SUNSHINEY day, and there was hardly a cloud in the sky... which made it a bit difficult to keep the "squints" away... but, I think I grabbed at least a few keepers for them! Here is your sneak peek, K & L, of just one of the sets from the day. Much more to come! Enjoy and thank you again for having me take pics of your beautiful family :)

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