Experimenting with some new found treats!

Before I post more sneak peeks from this weekend... I wanted to post a few samples of what I've been doing with my new found texture layers! I'm going to be adding some more Christmas card designs as well and details on the pricing of those if you wish to purchase any with pictures from any of my sessions, or, for this year ONLY, I will let you use a personal picture for your cards if you haven't had a session with me - but please, no professional photographers photos other than mine, it wouldn't be fair to them. Until then, though... see what you think of these!

and a little sample of Christmas cards with the texture layers...oooh pretty!

tiffmatt  – (October 28, 2008 at 1:48 PM)  

Annie, Your photos are just beautiful! I'm so happy for you. Would you be interested in doing a Christmas card for Matt and I? I own the rights to our wedding photography!

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