Last but not least....

I also am posting tonight some sneak peeks of a BEAUTIFUL senior from Indian Creek that I and my intern Courtney got the chance to take pics of 2 weekends ago now... ugh, I can't believe I'm finally just posting some of these, I'm sorry Kim!!! We had such a fun time playing on the farm, dodging crazy bulls, and teasing you to get your inner model to come out --- don't forget to "Smile with your eyes!" as Tyra - I mean Courtney says! Haha! Enjoy --- you have some awesome pics to choose from, and when I say some... I mean hundreds with mine and Courtney's combined, but don't worry, we'll only show you our favorites ;) The first 3 are Courtney's shots --- you are awesome C!!!

(this one is my view, then the next 2 after are Courtney's, then mine)


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