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After looking all over the internet at other photographer's blogs... I decided that since I am also a photographer, and have just got my business back up and running again here in Indiana... I NEED a blog as well to show off some of my beautiful clients that I have had of late!

Today I took pics of some of the cutest kids I've ever seen... so sweet, well-behaved, little models! I was so impressed and had a wonderful time.

These two brothers were the sweetest little guys ever... they pretty much posed themselves!

This is their 3 month old cousin... she was so peaceful and content... a little angel! Check out her gorgeous baby blues!

And last but not least... sweet little "K"... only 9 months old, and already a little lady-killer with these gorgeous hazel-green eyes!

Thank you Alyssa, Chrissy and Meggan for allowing me to spend some time with your little ones today... all of you are very blessed with these sweet kids! I had a great time...

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